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Ønsker du å kjøpe eller leie eiendom i utlandet? Dette er portalen for bolig i utlandet. Begynn søket etter feriehus her. Vi har en omfattende katalog over formidlere, og egen database med eiendomsannonser.
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indo.com: Finn avstander mellom destinasjoner verden over.

Internasjonale Retningsnummer

multimap.com: Meget bra og rask online karttjeneste som dekker hele verden.

Weather.com: Vær i hele verden

Lonley Planet: En meget bra elektronisk reiseguide fra utgiveren av den berømte reisehåndboken. Her finnes detaljert informasjon om så å si alle land.

XE.com Omregning av all verdens valutaer

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Ute etter noe spesielt? Sothebys International Realty tilbyr spesielle, luksuriøse eiendommer i mange land verden over.

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Her vises nyheter ved hjelp av RSS. RSS er forkortelse for Rich Site Summary eller Really Simple Syndication. Mange innholdsleverandører gjør nå sitt innhold tilgjengelig ved hjelp av RSS. utenlandseiendom.no konsentrerer seg om eiendomsrelaterte nyheter. Her vises internasjonale eiendomsnyheter som kanskje kan gi nyttige tips og informasjon om eiendomskjøp i ulike land.

Siste eksterne internasjonale eiendoms-nyheter

How Much Money Does The Queen Make? Elizabeth II To Receive $97M To Restore Buckingham Palace
Queen Elizabeth II was set to get a little more in her paycheck this year— $43 million more, to be exact. The queen received $54.6 million in tax-free income last year, but this year, she’ll be getting around $97 million. The money is what’s known as a “sovereign grant,” a type of expense account designed to cover travel, security, staff, upkeep and other costs.

How Likely Are You To Be Killed By A Shark?
In early June, beachgoers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, caught their first glimpse of a great white shark, reviving long-held fears of arguably the most ferocious species in the water. The 1975 blockbuster thriller "Jaws" took place in New England and since then a phobia of sharks has probably never fully subsided. With every sighting comes a question on many people's minds: What is the actual likelihood of getting killed by a shark?

Telegram App: Encrypted Messaging Service Faces Ban In Russia
Telegram — a popular, encrypted communication app — is at risk of being banned in Russia by the government because the app makers refused to comply with the country’s new data protection laws. The message app, made in Russia, declined to provide the Russian government with information from its platform. In response to the decision, Alexander Zharov, the head of Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor, warned the service may be blocked.

Smartphones Reduce Your Brain Power, Even When They're Off And You're Not Using Them
Just by having your smartphone next to you without even using it could slow down your brain, a recent study suggests. Researchers at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin conducted a study on nearly 800 people, looking at how they performed tasks when their devices were within hand reach.

Indiana High School Student Posts 'Racist' Snapchats About Sikh Man Aboard Flight
A public school in the Indianapolis area has denounced the “offensive, racially insensitive” Snapchat posts a student sent about a Sikh passenger aboard a flight to Indianapolis. The student at Eastern Hancock High School posted a Snapchat that circled the Sikh man wearing a turban and read, “Never mind I might not make it to Indy.” The post began gaining traction online after Simran Jeet Singh, a religion professor at San Antonio’s Trinity University, began sharing the post on Twitter and ridiculing the student.  

What Is The Clean Water Rule? EPA Chief Pruitt Wants To Repeal It
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Tuesday discussed plans, with the help of the Army Corps of Engineers, to propose repeal of the Clean Water Rule during a Senate hearing to review the proposed EPA budget for fiscal year 2018.

Most Prescription Pills Go To The Mentally Ill Amid Opioid Epidemic
This article originally appeared on Kaiser Health News.

Trump Fake News? The President's Golf Courses Feature A Little Of His Own
One of President Donald Trump’s favorite insults to hurl at the media is “fake news.” The phrase was prominently displayed on Trump’s Twitter Tuesday after three reporters resigned from CNN after having to retract a story on Russia that they got wrong. Trump, however, has his own piece of fake news at several of his golf courses, a photoshopped fake of a Time Magazine cover featuring Trump.

Usable Air On Mars: NASA Scientists Want To Remove The Dust For Astronauts
When humans are living and working on Mars, how do we stop that red dust from getting all over us? NASA is working on a way to use static electricity to stop it from choking astronauts and machines.

The Internet's Obsession With Steve Carell's Gray Hair: 5 Other Stars Who Embrace The Silver Fox Look
Comedian Steve Carell responded to the internet's growing obsession with his graying hair in an interview Saturday with Entertainment Tonight. During a visit to London to promote "Despicable Me 3," Twitter users pointed out that the actor has reached "silver fox" status. Fans praised the 54-year-old for his new hairstyle and dapper clothing choice when he hit the streets of London in a fitted sweater and khaki pants.

Statiske eksterne eiendoms-artikler

Nyhetene under er samlet fra ulike kilder og oppdateres av utenlandseiendom.no. Dvs at vi manuelt henter inn nyheter relevant til eiendom i utlandet fra ulike kilder og legger ut linkene her. Her finner du følgelig artikler som ikke er ferske.

Bulgaria now offers tempting investment opportunities..... (The Independent)

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Utenlandsboliger frister (Hegnar Online)

Kjøpe sydenbolig? (Hegnar Online)

Superbillige sydenboliger (Hegnar Online)

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Europeisk Helsetrygdekort: (Trygdeetaten.no)

Eksplosive sydenboliger (Hegnar Online)

Feriehus til 500.000? (Hegnar Online)

Informasjon ved flytting til utlandet (Oslo ligningskontor)

Skal du kjøpe bolig i utlandet er det mange ting å huske på. ( FBI)

Heller bolig i utlandet enn hytte (Reiseliv.no)

Boligprisene i London stagnerer (Dagens Næringsliv)

Prisvekst i Skagen (Dagens Næringsliv)

Sinnsyke priser på Gotland (Dagens Næringsliv)

Nordmenn i spansk skattesnyteri (Dagens Næringsliv)

Eiendom i Europas hovedsteder ( Dagens Næringsliv)

Kjøpere av bolig i syden blir stadig yngre (Dagens Næringsliv)

En av tre nordmenn vil kjøpe feriehus i utlandet ( Boarding.no)

International Property Investment ( Investoroffshore.com)

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